Organic sweetcorn

Live life on the veg

What’s good on the farm this week? Here are our picks, from exciting new treats to old favourites. Blink and you’ll miss some of these seasonal stars, so fill your boots. All 100% organic, grown for flavour, and delivered free to your door.

Organic calabrese broccoli

Brilliant broccoli

Add sizzling bacon strips and toss through pasta.

Calabrese broccoli 500g
Organic runner beans

Runner beans

Summer means beans, full of flavour and crunch.

Runner beans 400g
Organic golden beetroot
organic pork belly slices
Organic recipe box

What influences how carroty a carrot tastes or how bland and watery a cucumbers is? Have we forgotten we’re growing food, not kitchen ornaments? Learn how we farm for flavour in the latest of Guy’s rants Watch now.


tomatillo, apple & cucumber juice

thursday 10th august 2017

tomato & courgette pasta bowl

thursday 10th august 2017