Organic veg

delivery dates

Christmas delivery days

Monday and Tuesday customers, we need to rejig your delivery day in the week running up to Christmas, to keep it as close to the big day as possible.

We’ll deliver to Wednesday, Thursday and Friday customers on your usual day that week.

No deliveries between Christmas and New Year, so you might want to order extra to see you through.



Your usual
delivery day

When you can
get a delivery

Monday Monday 18th December as normal
Sunday 24th DecemberChristmas holly Christmas delivery*
Monday 25th December no delivery
Monday 1st January no delivery
Monday 8th January as normal
Tuesday Tuesday 19th December as normal
Saturday 23rd DecemberChristmas holly Christmas delivery*
Tuesday 26th December no delivery
Tuesday 2nd January as normal
Wednesday Wednesday 20th DecemberChristmas holly Christmas delivery
Wednesday 27th December no delivery
Wednesday 3rd January as normal
Thursday Thursday 21st DecemberChristmas holly Christmas delivery
Thursday 28th December no delivery
Thursday 4th January as normal
Friday Friday 22nd DecemberChristmas holly Christmas delivery
Friday 29th December no delivery
Friday 5th January as normal

*Recipe box and meat box contents on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of December will be a repeat of Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th.