Riverford Wicked Leeks
Organic veg

Delivery days
are changing!

Christmas 2018 –
New Year 2019

Your Christmas & New Year delivery days

We need to rejig your delivery days around Christmas and New Year. The changes will make sure you get your festive food as close to the big day as possible, and won’t have too long a wait for your first delivery in January.

There are no deliveries between Christmas and New Year, so you might want to order extra to see you through.

Do you have a regular order delivered fortnightly, three-weekly or monthly? We won’t automatically restart your orders at the beginning of January, so to avoid a long gap without veg, please go online or get in touch to change your order schedule.



Your usual
delivery day

When you can
get a delivery

Monday Monday 17th December As normal
Monday 24th DecemberChristmas holly Christmas delivery
Monday 31st December No delivery
Monday 7th January Back to normal
Tuesday Tuesday 18th December As normal
Saturday 22nd DecemberChristmas holly Christmas delivery
Tuesday 25th December No delivery
Wednesday 2nd January First 2019 delivery
Tuesday 8th January Back to normal
Wednesday 19th December As normal
Sunday 23rd DecemberChristmas holly Christmas delivery
Wednesday 26th December No delivery
Thursday 3rd January First 2019 delivery
Wednesday 9th January Back to normal
Thursday Thursday 20th DecemberChristmas holly Christmas delivery
Thursday 27th December No delivery
Friday 4th January First 2019 delivery
Thursday 10th January Back to normal
Friday Friday 21st DecemberChristmas holly Christmas delivery
Friday 28th December No delivery
Saturday 5th January First 2019 delivery
Friday 11th January Back to normal