Wootton dairy millstone hard sheep's cheese

£4.65 / 140g


Made to Wootton Farm Dairy’s own recipe and inspired by cheeses found in the Pyrenean mountains. Made with unpasteurised sheep’s milk from the Bartlett brothers’ own Somerset herd.

Wootton Organic Dairy is run by brothers James and Dave Bartlett on a traditional farm in Mid-Somerset where small meadows and orchards have remained unchanged for years. The hedgerows and pastures support a wide variety of wildlife, while the range of grasses and flowers that grow in the fields give a great depth of flavour and interest to the milk produced by their livestock.

How to prepare

Great eaten on its own but also melted on toast with chopped onion. Try cooking in a vegetarian pasty with grated potato, onion and black pepper. Lovely thinly sliced on green salad or added to pancakes with chopped chives.


Customer storage instructions: Keep well wrapped below 8°C in a fridge, eat at room temperature.

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