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White potatoes 1.5kg

White potatoes 1.5kg


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We choose the potato varieties that taste best, and allow them to grow slowly to develop maximum flavour. The variety changes every week, each with their own cooking virtues. Look out for the tips on every bag to help you make the most of each week’s pick.

This week's potatoes are Triplo: grown by Peter Richardson. A favourite of his as they're good to grow and versatile in the kitchen - great mashed, roasted and baked.


Layer with cream and garlic for potato dauphinoise, chop into chunky wedges or transform into fantastically crunchy roast potatoes. Leftovers mashed with grated beetroot or cooked greens make brightly-coloured bubble and squeak.


Keep new potatoes in the fridge and floury/all-rounder varieties in a paper bag somewhere cool and dark


We start the season with new potatoes in early May, moving to salad potatoes in July. For the rest of the year we use maincrop varieties that change as the season progresses.

Country of origin

Grown in the United Kingdom.

Potato varieties

Waxy varieties are good for boiling and in salads. These include Colleen, Charlotte, Lady Crystal, Lady Felicia, Jersey Royal, Maris Peer, Pink Fir Apple, Nicola and Novello. Our floury varieties for mash, chips, roasting and baking are King Edward, Cosmos, Desiree and Sante. Good all-rounders are Marfona, Robinta, Ostara, Romano, Orla, Valor, Estima and Maris Piper.

Organic potato farmer

We grow potatoes on our Riverford farms. Our early varieties do well on coastal fields, where the maritime influence protects them from frosts.

BBQ tips

The classic campfire snack. Simply take a good-sized baking spud and stab it a few times with the tip of a sharp knife. Wet the outside and rub it generously with flaky sea salt. Wrap in a double layer of foil, and bury it in the embers to cook for about 40 mins or until tender (depending on size). Split open and serve with your topping of choice.