Riverford Wicked Leeks

what goes around, comes around

After many years of conventional management there is a lot to be done before a farm is fit and healthy for growing crops organically. Before the organic veg box scheme began, Home Farm had a 60 year history of conventional (non-organic) farming through three generations. Peter and Jo-ann Richardson grew cereals and potatoes and kept pigs to sell to nearby markets. Since converting to organic farming, the importance of having animals on the land became clear.

Livestock has always been an indispensable companion to sustainable farming. It is a simple circle of life. The microorganisms in the soil feed the plants. The plants feed the animals. The animals return their manure to the land to feed the microorganisms. And so the cycle continues.

Peter and Jo-ann had pigs on the farm until last year, which helped to put fertility back into the soil, but unfortunately had to give them up. Like many other farms in the area, they found that the pigs simply couldn