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Baby spinach 150g

Baby spinach 150g


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Harvesting spinach while it’s still young gives small leaves with a mild, clean flavour – tender enough to eat raw, stalks and all. They’re very versatile; use anywhere you want a burst of green freshness. Perfect raw in salads, or wilted straight into sauces, curries and soups at the last minute.


Baby spinach is delicious raw tossed into a mixed green leaf salad. If cooking, blanch in a pan of boiling water for 1 min, drain, refresh in a bowl of cold water, drain again and then chop finely. Or wilt directly into sauces, soups, pastas and curries at the end of cooking.


Keep in the salad drawer of your fridge but be careful not to crush the delicate leaves. Delivered from our farm, so wash before cooking.


Baby spinach is available all year round but is at its most tender in late spring and summer.

Country of origin

Grown in Italy.