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Thoughtful packaging

Thoughtful packaging

Less plastic - more uses for every box

Growing, packing and delivering your food puts us in a unique position to use as little packaging as possible.

Our packaging promise

  1. By December 2020 our fruit and veg will be 100% plastic free
  2. Remove, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is our mission
  3. We think long term, balancing the three issues of climate change, marine and land pollution, and food waste

Leave out your veg box

We reuse our boxes up to 10 times. If all our customers returned their veg boxes, this would save almost 22,000 trees’ worth of cardboard each year.

77% less plastic than supermarkets

Our veg boxes contain 77% less plastic than supermarket organic veg.

Read the independent study >>

1.5 tonnes of plastic saved per year by ...

  • Swapping to compostable beech nets (removing 180km per year of plastic netting)
  • Unwrapping popular veg after testing them without plastic, such as romanesco and cauliflower
  • Moving 430,000 items into recyclable packaging

We’ve also reduced paper bags by 120,277 per year!

Recycling guide

What to do with your Riverford packaging.
Read our guide here

We'll take it back

Can't recycle Riverford packaging locally?
We'll collect it.