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Organic kabocha squash

Live life on the veg

What’s good on the farm this week? Here are our picks, from exciting new treats to old favourites. Blink and you’ll miss some of these seasonal stars, so fill your boots. All 100% organic, grown for flavour, and delivered free to your door.

Organic purple carrots

Purple carrots

Quirky in colour – top marks for taste.

Purple carrots 750g
Organic brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts

Grown slowly for the best flavour and picked by hand.

Brussels sprouts 500g
Organic vegan mince pies
Organic pomegranates
Organic Christmas food & drink

This is a plea to return your boxes to us. They are designed to be reused 10 times, massively reducing their environmental impact – but at the moment we achieve nowhere near this, because so many people don’t give them back.

If all our customers returned their veg boxes, we could save almost 22,000 trees’ worth of cardboard every year.

We are encouraging a ‘box amnesty’ throughout October; if you have any hoarded away in a corner somewhere, please fold them flat and leave them out before your next delivery for your veg team to collect.

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honey baked quinces

friday 11th october 2019

quinces poached in white wine

friday 11th october 2019

roast jalapeño salsa

tuesday 17th september 2019