Riverford Wicked Leeks

Riverford on Wash Farm

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Riverford is a mixed South Devon farm, owned by the Watson family since 1951. After returning home to the farm and starting to grow organic vegetables, Guy Watson delivered his first veg box in 1993.

This beautiful, rolling farm is a place that will simply change the way you eat, shop and cook, forever. It is a place that broke the mould over thirty years ago when Guy's father John began to question the sustainability of intensive farming practices.

The farm is now home to a dairy, butchery, bakery and farm shop as well as being the heart of one of the UK’s biggest organic veg box delivery schemes.

Guy and his four siblings are all now involved in various Riverford businesses – fired by a passion for good food instilled by their mother Gillian and a determination to break the supermarket stranglehold on quality and supply.


Wash Farm is part of a co-op, making it easier for us to share tools, machinery and knowledge with other farms. The 12 co-op members are mostly small and medium sized family farms with a mixture of crops and livestock which allow sustainable rotations with plenty of grass and clover to restore soil fertility.

Back in the nineties our customers wanted more vegetables than we could grow and after our neighbours saw how we were doing the co-op was formed in 1997.

Alongside our co-op members who grow our local crops we have longstanding relationships with growers in other areas of the country who grow those crops we struggle within the Devon climate.