Riverford Wicked Leeks

veg of the month - sweetcorn

The current spell of bright, sunny weather means now is the ideal time to enjoy corn at its ripe, sweet best. Corn bears its cobs at the perfect picking height, so its arrival is a welcome relief after a summer bent double harvesting lettuces and courgettes. Our field workers judge when a cob is ready by feel alone; if you peel back the leaves it will quickly deteriorate. The most damaging (and unlikely-sounding) pest to the crop is our local badger population. Badgers have a sweet tooth and adore wreaking havoc through a field, grabbing mouthfuls of sweetcorn and generally delighting in destruction. An electric fence can keep them at bay, but even then they have been known to outsmart us.

storage and preparation

Keep sweetcorn in the fridge encased in its outer leaves (the best sort of packaging) and use within a day or two for the best flavour. It tastes great on the BBQ, if you haven