Riverford Wicked Leeks

veg, cows + a yurt

As we move into summer the vegetables are going in and coming out well. We’re now into the early potatoes (maris bard) and I really think they taste wonderful. The brassicas have responded well to the rain, which makes it easier while we keep on with the planting. It also gives us a challenge with weeds, but dare I say I think we are winning.

On the grazing front, the cows are also doing well and getting quite fond of their grass supplement of dock. They seem to graze all around for their main course then take the dock for dessert. On this basis we have decided to carry on buffer-feeding silage to give them the full three courses. It’s important that we make sure there is plenty of water in the collecting area when they come up to be milked and on their way out; giving them plenty of water, especially on their exit, is making a big difference.

new dates for the travelling field kitchen

The Travelling Field Kitchen team has been on the road serving up freshly-cooked food in a Riverford yurt for two successful venues now (Hampshire and London). The food has been getting glowing reviews and the whole experience is going down a storm – so much so that they have decided they need some more staff for the summer on the road. So we are shuffling the schedule to allow time to recruit and train the new staff. Because of this, we have had to move the planned stint here at Stockley from 24th June-4th July to the new dates of 2nd-12th September. I hope you don’t mind the wait too much. We have been calling everyone booked in on the original dates to rebook for September. I hope we’ll be able to welcome lots of you and your friends and family. If you haven’t yet booked your places and want to taste Riverford veg at its best, give us a call to book your places now. Find out more on the website and to book call 0845 367 1155 or 01803 762062.

John Walton