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Organic food delivery in Salford & Greater Manchester

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The best veg you’ve ever tasted – award-winning organic veg boxes from Riverford, delivered to homes in Salford.

Delivering organic veg boxes every day across the Greater Manchester area, Riverford are committed to growing fresh, flavoursome, 100% organic veg as ethically and sustainably as possible. No two Riverford veg boxes are the same: contents change every week, bringing you the absolute best from our fields and farmers.


Try Riverford today with no commitment. Order a one-off box, or cancel anytime.


Why try a Riverford veg box?

Small, medium or large. Weekly, fortnightly, or as and when. With or without fruit, meat and dairy. The only thing that isn’t flexible about our veg boxes is being 100% organic, always.

100% organic

Not ‘when possible’,
but all the time


The freshest varieties,
changing every week

Flexible ordering

Add to, pause or cancel
your order to suit you.

Great value

Averages 20% cheaper
than supermarket veg*

Try Riverford today with no commitment. Order a one-off box, or cancel anytime.

Meet your local veg team

Fiona Littleton

Veg boxes in Salford are looked after by Fiona Littleton. She delivers to your area on a set day each week – this hugely cuts down on food miles, and makes sure your food is as fresh as can be. Enter your postcode here to check your local delivery day.


01484 500833

Local delivery in Salford

We deliver organic veg boxes, high welfare organic meat, dairy, pantry goods and more all over the UK, including areas in Greater Manchester such as Salford, Eccles, Irlam & Pendlebury.

Don’t worry, there’s no need to be home for your Riverford delivery: our own drivers (we never use couriers) can leave it in your dedicated ‘safe place’. To save on food miles, we deliver to each area in Greater Manchester just once a week – and delivery is also absolutely free, always.

Try Riverford today with no commitment. Order a one-off box, or cancel anytime.

We are the #1 veg box company on Trustpilot!

Hear from other happy customers in Salford:

I think it's a wonderful thing you do and has made great difference to me in terms of eating more vegetables, feeling better and improving my health. The quality of produce has always been excellent quality and good value.
- Sharon, Riverford customer, Salford

I love my weekly fruit & veg box!
- Emanuelle, veg box customer from Salford

I also just wanted to say thanks very much for all of the lovely fruit and vegetables that you have brought me over the past year or two; it has been greatly appreciated!
- Thomas in Salford