Riverford Wicked Leeks

uganda connection

We have our normal international, eclectic bunch of workers out in the fields this summer including, for the forth time, a group of Ugandan organic farmers working and studying here. This connection has developed from a friendship with Timothy Njakasi and his wife Joyce who I met when Timothy was studying in England with the Kulika Trust. Kulika is a charity supporting sustainable farming in Uganda and providing care for orphans in Kampala. As part of the exchange some of my staff and I have visited them on their farms near Lake Victoria. I am a big fan of the trust, which is run on a very lean basis and is having a significant impact on the farming practices in Uganda by establishing locally based training centres. Timothy is in the process of building a training centre on his farm named the Kasenge Riverford Organic Farm. Progress happens as and when he can afford to buy more clay bricks. Six Riverford staff will be running the Paignton marathon on 27th June to raise funds for more bricks. If you would like more information or would like to support the project please call of email guy@riverford.co.uk.