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Sweet, tender organic summer turnips. Not to be confused with the more heavy-duty winter turnip, these are succulent, crunchy and peppery-sweet (a bit like a radish). We think they’re at their best grated, sliced or cut into matchsticks and eaten raw in salads. A very versatile veg, they’re also good pickled, roasted, or simmered in hearty stews.

Treat turnip leaves as tenderly as spinach. Wilt with butter as a side or add to soup or stew
- Riverford cooks

How to prepare

We’ve yet to meet someone not converted to turnips when they’re caramelised with butter. Peel and quarter your turnips. Simmer in a frying pan with a very generous lump of butter, a spoonful of sugar, a glass of white wine and enough water to almost cover. After 15 mins or so they should be tender, with the liquid reduced to a sugary syrup. Keep cooking, shaking occasionally, until the whole lot is nicely caramelised around the edges.


Summer turnips will stay firm in the fridge for a week or even two. As with carrots and beetroot, any leaves are better removed or they will suck moisture from the veg. If they’re in good nick, you can use the leaves in stir fries or wilted into stews.

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