Riverford Wicked Leeks

too many cooks

Despite the odd humbug comment or festive grumble I do actually enjoy Christmas. As the Haward family has grown and spread itself geographically, Christmas has tended to evolve from being one big family meal on the 25th to a number of feasts running all the way through December. For me it all started this weekend with my Mum and Dad and Aunty Pauline making the trip down from York to my house in Peterborough for the first Christmas meal of the year. Under the influence of a couple of glasses of mulled wine, I find cooking for Christmas a real pleasure. Invariably things don't always go according to plan, which I suspect can be blamed partly on the mulled wine. Under usual circumstances the kitchen becomes my territory when I'm preparing a meal and people interfere at their peril. But I know that Mum (after over 40 years of Christmas dinner experience) finds it incredibly difficult to be a passenger, so invariably she spends her time gently supervising the proceedings. Even my Aunty Pauline, who tends to avoid her kitchen for 364 days a year, enjoys becoming involved - contentedly preparing the vegetables. Inevitably food is served two hours behind schedule. But that's what's great about it - the fun is in the preparation as well as the eating!

Building on our foundations for 2006

Regrettably we will be putting the prices of the boxes up by between fifty pence and one pound in the New Year. We have taken this difficult decision in response to our customers