Riverford Wicked Leeks

the three pepes

The English asparagus season begins at the end of April and tends to last only until the first week of June. During this narrow window our asparagus growers, Michael and Charlie, are in the fields daily cutting the spears as they reach the perfect tender age. When asparagus is in season we experience a box buying frenzy, as many of you chase the asparagus in its progression through the box range from one week to the next. Knowing how desirable these little aphrodisiac spears are, it always pains us to hear so many of you cry out for more just as the season is ending. In an attempt to make sure you all get plenty of asparagus this year we have called on the help of a family of growers in Spain who have developed a bit of a reputation for themselves.

The Aguilera family has farmed in the Granada valley in Spain for generations. Pepe Aguilera, the farm manager, is helped on the farm by his father, Pepe, and his younger brother, also Pepe.