Riverford Wicked Leeks

the sisterhood grows

Your box was packed this week by James, Sam, Roger and their team at Upper Norton farm west of Andover. Most of the vegetables were grown within twenty miles of the farm by the Janaway family and a group of growers who have come together over the last two years to supply your boxes. Norton is the fourth of our sisterhood of farms, following River Nene near Peterborough, River Swale in Yorkshire and, of course, Riverford in Devon. The whole idea is to share the benefits of scale while keeping the supply as local and personal as possible.

A few of your vegetables will continue to come from Devon, partly because our winter climate is much milder and partly because it will take a while for the local group of growers to build up the skills required to grow the huge range of fruit and veg required for a box scheme.

Managing Director Wanted

Twenty one years ago, after two years in a snappy suit, I came back to the farm because I hated spending my life sat behind a desk. At least it is my desk now and I can wear what I like but for the good of my sanity I need to get back to the fields. The business and its regional siblings have grown to a stage where we need some more formal business disciplines to regiment the anarchic approach that has got us this far. The post will be based in Devon. For more details and an information pack call Charlotte Tickle on 01803 762086

Guy Watson

We are all very excited about our new farm and surroundings in the rolling Hampshire countryside. Our team is small but perfectly formed: Sam, a seasoned organic supporter has gained a lot of valuable experience in the fruit and veg world, Roger who has spent much of his life organising teams and planning production for both food companies and the army, and myself. I arrived in Devon on a six month placement buying fruit and veg then set about working closely with growers in Hampshire to establish our new supply for your boxes.

One of our local growers is Mike Fisher based just a couple of miles from here on an organic smallholding. Mike grows a diverse range of crops and we