Riverford Wicked Leeks

the rhythms of nature

Guy has asked me to write the newsletter for the next week or so, as he takes a well earned break. Coming to the farm at dawn this morning, there were strong winds blowing off the Atlantic and dark, fiery rain clouds rolling in from the coast. When you see such drama unfurling in the sky, above the land our vegetables grow on, you realise how dependent we are on the seasons and the benevolence of nature.

Working on the farm, I have come to realise the magic in seasonality. As the weather evolves through the year and the levels of light ebb and flow there are patterns in the wildlife and the crops and the world around us.

It is a rhythm that we, as humans, have moved away from, banishing dark and coldness with electricity and technology, but we can never really divorce ourselves from the reality of the nature we are part of. Many people do feel more lethargic in the winter months and more sprightly in the summer, not much different from the plants and animals.

We have lost this sense of rhythm in our food as well, expecting our cupboards to be full of fresh produce from around the world all year. It is difficult to eat seasonally, my wife and I sometimes struggle, but we gain a sense of achievement on the days we get it right. Taking the time to eat seasonally has revived our feelings for how our own personal moments are linked into those of nature.