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Sweet mixed peppers 250g

Sweet mixed peppers 250g


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A mix of sweet little organic peppers. They may look like hot chillies, but in fact they’re full of extra sweet flavour. They add fantastic crunch to salads and colour to sti- fries. Or make conveniently bite-sized treats by stuffing them full of ricotta, feta, cream cheese – or anything else your imagination can conjure up.


Peppers add crunch to salads and stir fries and are great roasted with tomatoes in Mediterranean recipes or used to make soup.


Delivered from our farm, so wash before cooking. Store in the bottom of the fridge.


Our peppers are sold as class 2. This means that they might not look cosmetically perfect, but they are grown for the very best flavour. (We have to tell you this to satisfy some EU rules).

Country of origin

Grown in Spain.