Super stove £25 donation to Send a Cow - posted separately

Super stove £25 donation to Send a Cow - posted separately


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Fuel-saving super stoves, built from natural materials, make homes safer and protect the environment. Traditional cooking fires can produce lots of smoke, but a super stove directs smoke away from the cooking area, so families can cook and eat together safely. A thoughtful gift idea from our charity partner Send a Cow, to help families in Africa build sustainable lives. Includes a gift information card and a Christmas card to give alongside.

important info

You’ll receive a gift information card, and a Christmas card in which to give it, with every gift purchase. Send a Cow virtual gifts can only be sent to the address of the Riverford customer making the purchase. Riverford will pass your details to Send a Cow to fulfil the gift. Send a Cow will not contact you for marketing purposes. Delivery by Christmas Day is guaranteed on orders made by Wednesday 17th December. To find out more about Send a Cow go to

about Riverford and Send a Cow

Send a Cow was set up in the 1980s by farmers in the South West to help African families and orphans grow their way out of poverty. Originally they sent surplus cows to Africa, but they don’t do this any longer. Instead, by providing livestock, seeds, training and support, they help families escape poverty for good by enabling them to grow enough food to eat and extra to sell.

We have a long relationship with Send a Cow and their aims and values fit with our own. Like Riverford, they believe in good farming as the source of food, lives and communities. They work practically at a human scale and really understand the communities where they work, helping make them more resilient through their ‘pass it on’ principle. Send a Cow work patiently for sustainable solutions rather than short term fixes, giving people the tools to help themselves instead of becoming dependant on aid.

We trust Send a Cow completely to make good use of the support we give. The relationship builds on our existing links with Uganda. We have personal contacts including Timothy Njakasi, who has worked at Riverford and set up the Kasengi-Riverford Training Centre; Patrick who runs an orphanage in Uganda and several other smallholders who have visited Riverford on educational projects in recent years. We have also bought vanilla from a women’s co-operative in Uganda connected to Send a Cow.

charity number 299717

You can find out more and see our fundraising progress here