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Sunflower birdfeeder x2

Sunflower birdfeeder x2


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Feeds the birds with Riverford sunflowers! Guy originally planted thousands of sunflowers on his French farm in the Vendée hoping to make his own organic sunflower oil. While watching the local wildlife thrive off the crop, he had an idea – he would offer them as a treat for British birds instead.

Once your dried sunflowers arrive, hang them up so the birds can access the seeds easily, and high enough to keep them safe from prowling cats. It may take a few days for the English birds to catch on, but they will. Then simply enjoy the spectacle.

Organic sunflower farmer

These sunflowers were grown on Guy’s farm in the Vendée, France. With slightly different seasons to the UK, Guy’s French farm helps us to cover the ‘hungry gap’ – the period between April and May, when the old season crops have ended but the first harvest of the new season aren’t quite ready. As well as glowing fields of golden sunflowers, the Vendée farm grows sweetcorn, peppers, chillies, tomatillos and cape gooseberries.