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Summer sprouting broccoli 250g

Summer sprouting broccoli 250g


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Summer sprouting broccoli, fresh from Clive Martin’s organic fields in the Fenlands. A veg delicacy, this Chinese kale/broccoli cross has tender, flavoursome stems that are prized as much as its florets. It can be used in place of Calabrese or purple sprouting broccoli in most recipes. Prep couldn’t be easier: every part can go straight in the pot.


Summer sprouting broccoli is like asparagus – the less you do to it the better. Boil, steam or stir-fry for a quick, fresh finish, or roast or griddle to intensify the flavour.

And it’s not just for lunch or dinner. Broccoli, bacon and a poached egg with toast is an excellent start to the day – with creamy hollandaise for special occasions. For a simpler breakfast, dip spears of tender-cooked broccoli into a soft-boiled egg.


Keep in the fridge so the florets don’t turn yellow. It should last for up to 5 days, but as with all greens, the sooner eaten the better.