Organic true spinach

Live life on the veg

What’s good on the farm this week? Here are our picks, from exciting new treats to old favourites. Blink and you’ll miss some of these seasonal stars, so fill your boots. All 100% organic, grown for flavour, and delivered free to your door.

Organic bbq meat

Organic BBQ meat

Choose from our range of 100% organic meat for the BBQ.

Organic rhubarb

Rhubarb returns

Homegrown rhubarb from our Devon farm.

Rhubarb 500g
Organic garden peas
Organic quick & light recipe box
organic mixed salad leaves

Read Guy’s new blog on why he doesn’t trust the regulation of pesticides.

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baked rhubarb and custard

thursday 13th april 2017

leek and feta fritters

thursday 13th april 2017

courgette, apple & kale juice

thursday 13th april 2017

risotto primavera

thursday 13th april 2017