Girolomoni whole-wheat fusilli pasta

£1.80 / 500g


Organic wholewheat fusilli pasta made by an Italian co-op using their own durum wheat. Slow-dried for a deep, nutty flavour, and shaped with traditional bronze dies for a rougher surface that holds onto sauces and seasoning. Fusilli’s spiral shape is great for trapping thin sauces, or standing up to chunky ones.

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How to prepare

Wholewheat fussili takes only 10-12 mins to boil. Eat with spinach and Parmesan for a quick, healthy vegetarian dinner, or with black kale and lamb's liver for a bolder dish. It also bakes well in casseroles topped with plenty of golden, bubbling cheese.

Ingredients and allergens

  • Whole wheat Durum semolina (100%)
For allergens see the above ingredients in bold.
Unsuitable for people with severe allergies.


Whole-wheat pasta contains natural oils that mean it’ll go bad faster than white pasta, so keep it somewhere cool and dry and eat it within a few months.

Nutritional information

Nutrition per 100g

energy 361kcal
fat 2.3g
saturates 0.5g
carbohydrates 68.5g
sugars 3.8g
protein 12.3g
salt 0.08g

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