Pork pie

£5.95 / 340g


A chunky beast of a pork pie, handmade to our own recipe. Our chefs put their heads together to create the pie of their wildest porky dreams: crisp, flavoursome golden pastry, tender organic pork seasoned with sage and thyme, and a little – but not too much! – rich, peppery jelly. Spot on for a lunchtime spread, each pie feeds two people, or one hungry one.

Ingredients and allergens

  • Pork (29%),
  • wheatflour
    • wheatflour,
    • calcium carbonate*,
    • iron,
    • nicotinamide*,
    • thiamin*
  • water*,
  • pork lard,
  • breadrusk
    • wheatflour,
    • calcium carbonate*,
    • iron,
    • nicotinamide*,
    • thiamin*,
    • water*,
    • salt*,
    • yeast*
  • salt*,
  • pork gelatine*,
  • white pepper,
  • thyme,
  • sage,
  • black pepper,
  • nutmeg
For allergens see the above ingredients in bold. *Non-organic.
Unsuitable for people with severe allergies.


Keep in the fridge and use within 2 days of cutting or freeze on day of delivery. Once frozen, defrost thoroughly and eat with in three days. Do not refreeze once thawed.

Please tell us where to leave this product if you are not in – it needs to be kept chilled to maintain its quality. A cool box in a shady spot works well.

Nutritional information

Nutrition per 100g

energy 346kcal
fat 22.0g
saturates 9.0g
carbohydrates 28.0g
sugars 1.0g
protein 11.0g
salt 1.00g

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