Riverford Wicked Leeks

sprouting at last?

The winter has passed with barely a moan of excessive cauliflower, kale or cabbage. The optimist in me attributes this to a rising appreciation of the culinary possibilities of our indigenous winter greens, but experience tells me low temperatures and a resulting paucity of supply has more to do with it. The plants that survived the big chill are now stirring into life; it looks as if we will finally have plenty of greens through to the end of the season (early May). The always delicious and normally dependable purple sprouting broccoli has suffered badly, shedding most if its leaves in a bid to survive the cold. Its absence has left a gaping hole in our planning, forcing us to import Italian and Spanish broccoli to keep some balance in the boxes. We have just started picking our purple sprouting broccoli in earnest. Although yields will be low, the hardship seems to have concentrated the flavour, and with three months planned supply to be picked in just five weeks, the boxes should see plenty of it so we can stem the flow of the imported imposter.

coffee sacks and boxes to grow

I recently visited Has Bean, the speciality roaster of our coffee, to discuss starting a joint venture with the Brazilian growers