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Spring onions 125g

Spring onions 125g


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Organic spring onions. These milder younger siblings of the main-crop onion will bring perky flavour to your kitchen. Toss into stir-fries, frittatas and tarts, or chop finely and enjoy raw in salads, sandwiches or mixed into creamy mashed potatoes.


These have a milder flavour than mature bulb onions and the whole plant can be eaten. Chop the green tops finely as a substitute for chives or use as a base for stocks, replacing leeks or bulb onions.


Keep green onions in the fridge and wash before eating.

Country of origin

Grown in the United Kingdom.

BBQ tips

The Spanish have a tradition of cooking young onions over open fires - they eat them whole, dragged through a red pepper sauce and accompanied by free-flowing red wine. You need to do nothing more than lightly brush them with oil and season with salt and pepper. Throw them straight onto the bars; they’ll take anywhere between 5-8 mins to cook, depending on their size. Turn them often and don’t worry if they look too burnt on the outside; you can always discard the outer layer before serving. You know they are ready when they feel noticeably softer.