Riverford Wicked Leeks

spring is in the air (at last)

After a fairly dismal March the sap is finally rising. The sun at last has some power in it, the snowdrops have made way for an abundance of daffodils and the crops are beginning to respond. According to my friends at the RSPB even the Spring migration is late this year, which I would imagine can be attributed to the inclement weather here, rather than birds deciding to stay in warmer climes to avoid the threat of that nasty flu that's going about in Europe.

The warmer weather has a marked affect on the young crops that Stan has planted on the fenland peat soils in Yaxley. The red oak leaf lettuces that were transplanted in February have successfully put down roots - but beside that the plants have grown very little in the last four weeks - until now! The difference that the last four days of sunshine has caused is easy to see - the leaves are forging on underneath the thin protective fleece.

We also have some more glasshouse treats in store before the mixed leaves make way forthe tomato and cucumbers that are to be planted at the end of April. Alongside the mixed salad packs we hope that there will be enough pak choi and rocket to go in some of the boxes in the coming month.

Revitalised extras list for April

If you haven't noticed yet we have revamped the extras list for April. Carefully selected wines, beers and ciders are on the list in time for the sun. We are also in the process of phasing out the 'old' beanie range to be replaced by similar products from a more local supplier. The change in mushroom weights going into the extras bags has also caused a bit of confusion - sorry! Mushrooms are now sold on the extras list in a paper bag at