Small christmas dinner box with nut roast (v)



This box contains everything you need for a special vegetarian festive feast: a small veg box packed with Christmassy veg, our own cranberry sauce, and our better than ever nut roast – rich and flavoursome, with walnuts, chestnuts, almonds, amaranth and butternut squash. For pudding, there’s 6 of our mince pies, a 450g Christmas pudding, and 600g clementines. To finish, simple yet satisfying sea salt & cracked black pepper biscuits, and creamy Caws Cenarth brie. Feeds 2-3. Veggie Christmas sorted! You’ll find even more Christmas treats in our online shop.

The mince pies and cranberry sauce are handmade to our own recipes. The nut roast is made for us by Pegoty Hedge, to a completely new recipe that we specially developed this year. Brie is from Caws Cenarth and the sea salt & black pepper biscuits are The Authentic Bread company’s finest. Fruit and veg are delivered fresh from the farm, so wash before eating. Store in a cool place. Minimum shelf life – 1 week.

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