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Vega lucia airen 75cl

Vega lucia airen 75cl


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This is a fresh, zingy, light white that is simple, fun and easy to drink. It's not trying to be anything flash, just good, pure and refreshing. There's not much it won't go with, but heavier foods will start to swamp it. This local grape variety Airén is not generally well thought of, but that's more to do with the over-cropping pursued by most wineries, not the grape itself.

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chill before serving.

alcohol: 11%

grape: Airén

sulphite levels: up to 120mg.

suitable for vegans.

country of origin: Spain

This is coming up to the limit of organic wines, a result of winemaking in hot conditions. That said, these wines are generally light on your constitution and the sulphur is not as noticeable as it is on paper - and still less than the 40% of conventional wines.


With the decline of sterling globally, La Mancha is the best place in Europe to find affordable wine and certainly the best place to track down organic gems. This young winery feels as if it's at the back end of nowhere, a definite one-horse town. However, its approach is spot on, making simple wines that are easy to enjoy, relatively light in alcohol and delightfully pure. In common with a lot of wineries we like in Spain, simple layout is everything; the winery sits at the heart of the heat-seared vineyards so that it's a short journey for the grapes to the cool of the winery, a vital factor for balanced whites and rosés.