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La jara pinot grigio bianco 75cl

La jara pinot grigio bianco 75cl


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This is exactly what Pinot Grigio should taste like. It's not a concoction of chemicals and watery grape juice; but a delicate balance of peachy, almost apricoty fruit, tempered with freshness and light, appealing acidity. It'll go with most salads, white meats and pasta. A real credit to any table.

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Chill before serving.

grape: Pinot Grigio

alcohol: 12.5%

sulphite levels: 90 mg/ltr

suitable for vegetarians.

country of origin: Italy


The beautiful, slick modern packaging of these wines slightly belies their history. The winery has actually been in the same family since 1891 and today is managed with great energy by brothers Massimo and Paolo Marion. There is endless Prosecco and Pinot Grigio on the shelves at the moment, mostly produced very industrially on the flat lands of Veneto. Here, in Piave, the soils are significantly superior, with better drainage and mineral makeup: 'La Jara' is local dialect for gravel. Although certified organic, increasingly biodynamic practices have been taken up, whilst the winery is a spotless cathedral of tiles, tanks and beams. The results are wines of great finesse, consistency and charm, always a light relief at the end of the day or a great way to make a party go with a bang.