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Montagne Saint-Emilion Les Piliers 2009 75cl

Montagne Saint-Emilion Les Piliers 2009 75cl


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A beautiful blend of Merlot and Cabernet-Franc that allows the natural fruit flavours through. It’s quite rich for Claret but offers poise and delicacy, with sumptuous black berry fruit and soft tannins. Ideal paired with wintry food, particularly turkey and other festive birds, as well as with roasts and stews.

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Store lying down in a cool dark place. Serve at 16 degrees. This wine will keep well for several years.

grape: 50% merlot, 50% cabernet Franc

% alcohol: 13%

sulphite level: 95mg

suitable for vegans.

wine producer

This is the second wine of the highly regarded Chateau Maison Blanche, owned by the Depagne-Rapin family. As a second wine, the fruit from younger vines is used, and only some of it is aged in oak. The result is a wine that is more open, less structured and easier to drink. The family takes great care at every stage of the process, including hand sorting all the grapes. A fantastic example of competent, clean winemaking.