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Marigny neuf cabernet franc 75cl

Marigny neuf cabernet franc 75cl


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This wine smells of blackberries, brambles or proverbial “damp hedgerows”. It’s a comforting smell and this is a comforting wine to drink: surprisingly mellow, with lots of brambly fruit and a pure, even finish. Pretty versatile, but especially good with pastry: pies, pasties and quiches or a nice roast bird.

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Keep lying down, in a dry, dark place.

alcohol: 13%

sulphite level less than 100 ppm

suitable for vegans


Frédéric Brochet seems a very determined individual. A highly qualified winemaker and academic, he decided to revamp his father’s old, rather run down winery in an unknown backwater near Poitou. He’s established himself as a benchmark producer of Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Cabernet, all produced organically. In less than 15 years he’s succeeded and his wines are a real testament to his diligence.

The cellar is built into a cave that is over 1000 years old. Despite its ancient appearance, everything is spotless and well-maintained and very well equipped. The wines are truly impressive, especially when you consider they don’t come from a “classic” area.