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Domaine cavalier rouge 75cl

Domaine cavalier rouge 75cl


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Don’t be fooled by this wine’s somewhat anonymous name. This is a sophisticated wine with a spicy nose and fresh flavours of raspberry, cherry and red plum. Sip a bit more and characters like bay, thyme, rosemary, and mint come through. Great with a wide array of dishes, but best with things with a Mediterranean twist: couscous, lamb, feta, aubergine and artichokes of all types.

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store in a cool, dry place.

alcohol: 13.8%

grape: cabernet sauvignon.

sulphite levels: <100mg/l.

country of origin: France

suitable for vegetarians


Château de Lascaux has over 85 hectares of vines, beautifully integrated within the landscape of the Languedoc and surrounded by 300 hectares of forests that are thriving with wildlife. The vineyards are planted on a wide variety of limestone soils, sheltered from the infamous Mistral wind by a kind of natural amphitheatre.

You get the best of both worlds here: sun and heat from the Mediterranean and cool airflow from the altitude and proximity to the Massif Central.