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Hoopoe nero d'avola syrah 75cl

Hoopoe nero d'avola syrah 75cl


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Unsurprisingly, given the near African temperatures of its home in South East Sicily, many wines from the Nero d’Avola grape are overly ripe and fruity, lacking in the tannins that give wine length and match them with food. Not so this. Grown at altitude in Western Sicily, the cooler nights give this red wine much more structure and a healthy dose of Syrah brings finesse and elegant tannins. Good with tomato-based dishes, roasted veg and white meat. Organic wine delivered to your door.

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keep lying down, in a dry, dark place.

serve at room temperature.

screw top

nero d'avola, syrah

alcohol: 14%

sulphites 75 mg/l

suitable for vegans

gluten free

about Cantine Columba Bianca

Cantine columba bianca is a very forward looking co-operative based in Western Sicily.

The wine is called ‘Hoopoe' after the striking birds of the same name that frequent parts of southern Europe and north Africa. Supposedly they are most commonly seen in unpolluted organic areas of the countryside, clearly birds of a feather! According to fable, whenever a Hoopoe was heard singing in the vineyard, a bountiful harvest was due. These exotic looking birds are often seen in the organic vineyards of Sicily.

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