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Dominio de punctum viognier 75cl

Dominio de punctum viognier 75cl


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This aromatic, golden Spanish wine is just right for pairing with good food. Well-balanced and with good acidity, you can expect fruity citrus aromas alongside a magnolia-like scent. Made from 100% organic estate grown Viognier grapes that are night harvested during September and October. Try it with chicken and fish and spicy Asian or Middle Eastern food.


Keep it laid down in a cool dark place. Open it 1/2 hour before drinking to let it breathe.

grape variety: Viognier

alcohol: 12.5 %

sulphite level: 70 mg/L

vintage: 2010

suitable for vegans.


Dominio de Punctum is a new biodynamic vineyard and winery on the upland plains of La Mancha. It's dry and hot up there, so making sure the beautiful grapes don't cook between the vine and the winery is key to quality. To keep the grapes cool the harvesting is done at night and the grapes taken straight to the winery which is on the same site as the vines. This is a real plus as for a lot of wines the grapes have to travel several hours in a truck before reaching the winery’s. Run by a new generation of the Fernandez-Cifuentes family, focus on quality is obsessive. This really shows in the wines, which have marked depth and purity. Dominio de Punctum use biodynamic practices in order to improve the soil structure and enhance the natural cycle of the vines achieving, the highest quality in the grapes. It’s good to see a water recycling plant too as this is increasingly this area’s biggest environmental problem.