Seasonal organic fruit & veg box plus meat – large

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The week’s meals sorted. This large seasonal organic veg box is bursting with 8 varieties of organic veg. You’ll get potatoes every week, plus carrots or onions, as well as seasonal treats like crisp sugar snap peas and tangy rhubarb. Alongside that, 3 fruit varieties and 4 cuts of meat from the Riverford butchery. The selection changes every week to bring you the best of the season.

Box contents for the coming weeks

From 6th Apr

The UK Potatoes
The Netherlands Onions
The UK Carrots
The UK Kale
The UK Spring greens
Italy Fennel
Spain Italy Courgettes
Spain Tomatoes
Argentina Apples
South Africa Black grapes
Morocco Clementines
The UK Pork shoulder joint - 1kg
The UK Beef mince - 500g
The UK Beef rib eye steaks - 360g (2 pack)
The UK Chicken breast fillets - 370g (2 pack)

From 13th Apr

The UK Potatoes
The Netherlands Onions
The UK Carrots
Spain The United States Sweet potatoes
Italy Swiss chard
Spain Asparagus
The UK Leeks
The UK Mixed salad leaves
Argentina Apples
Argentina Pears
The Dominican Republic Mexico Bananas
The UK Beef slow roast joint - 1.3kg
The UK Beef flat iron steaks - 400g (4 pack)
The UK Pork mince - 400g
The UK Lamb loin chops - 400g

That's our plan - but some items may change to bring you what's best on the day.

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