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Chicken breast fillets (skinless) 360g

Chicken breast fillets (skinless) 360g


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Fresh organic chicken breast fillets. We source our chicken from organic, truly free-range West Country farms. Short of raising chickens in the garden yourself, it would be hard to better these birds for flavour and welfare. The breast meat is lean, tender and endlessly versatile.

Delivered in insulated packaging to keep cool on your doorstep. Minimum meat order £15 to cover the cost of the packaging.

Approximately 2 chicken breast fillets per pack.


You can roast, fry or gently poach the breasts whole; about 15 mins in a moderate oven, frying pan or barely simmering pan (make sure no pink remains). Cut into thin strips or cubes for a faster cook in a frying pan - 4-5 mins should suffice.


Keep in the fridge below 5˚C. If you’re not going to eat it within a day or two, freeze your meat as soon as possible and always within the use by date. Once frozen, use within a month. Use on the day of defrosting.

Organic chicken farmer

Most of our chickens are raised by Andy Hayllor, one of our veg co-op farmers in Devon. The birds spend most of their time outdoors grazing grass, red clover and chicory; scratching and making dust baths, searching for bugs and exhibiting their natural behaviours.

Chickens are naturally timid creatures and without encouragement, stay indoors and never learn to roam and scratch. Many birds labelled ‘free range’ are kept in houses of many thousands. In theory they have the option to go out, but very few actually do. By contrast, Andy’s organic birds live in small flock sizes. They have shelters to encourage them away from the house, which Andy moves regularly to encourage them to roam about.

You might notice that the meat has a distinctive yellow colour. This isn’t from maize, but is as a result of their natural outdoor diet and lifestyle. It is proof that they really do ‘range free’. Short of raising chickens in your garden yourself, it would be hard to better these birds for flavour and welfare.

Riverford butchery

We choose traditional breeds, which we believe give better flavour. We carefully hang and butcher the meat ourselves, then mature it for extra flavour and tenderness.