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Bonbon squash

Bonbon squash


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Organic bonbon squash. True to its name, its glorious deep-orange flesh roasts to a rich, honeyed sweetness. Its small size also makes it a perfect candidate for stuffing, or turning into squashy bottom soup – soup that’s eaten straight out of the shells, no bowls or washing up required.


Roasting squash gives a dish of glorious colours and deep, sweet flavours. Good as a starter, drizzled with yoghurt and chilli oil; as a side, mashed with nutmeg, salt and butter; or stirred into risotto just before the rice is cooked. Alternatively, simmer in hearty stews, curries and soups as a flavourful, toothsome alternative to meat.


Many squash will store through the winter if kept warm and dry. They make a handsome autumnal display on a kitchen shelf until you’re ready to eat them.

Country of origin

Grown in the United Kingdom.