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Otello tomatoes 480g

Otello tomatoes 480g


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Succulent Otello tomatoes. This Spanish crossover variety offers the best of both worlds: the chunkiness of a beef tomato, with the sweet, fragrant flavour of a traditional tom. Their handsome ribbed forms have an unusual dark, almost chocolatey tinge. Cut into slices and dress with punchy vinaigrette for a striking salad: each slice looks like a child’s drawing of a flower.


Slices of raw tomato, a drizzle of oil and a sprinkle of salt are really all you need for a delectable salad (through basil, mozzarella and red wine vinegar are classic additions). The chunkiness of Otello tomatoes also makes them just right for stuffing with Mediterranean or Middle Eastern filling and baking.


Delivered from our farm, so wash before cooking. Best kept out of the fridge and on a cool veg rack. Under-ripe tomatoes can be kept at room temperature, very ripe in the fridge – but bring to room temperature before eating for the best flavour.

Country of origin

Grown in Spain.

About the grower

Gonserbio is about 100km south of Madrid, out in the desert – the middle of Don Quixote territory! Located in the centre of the country, the farm enjoys an unusually long warm season, from March through to October. We’ve been working with owner Julian for 10 years, enjoying his Barbosa onions, butternut squash, melons and Romano peppers, all ripened to sweetness under the Spanish sun.