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Portobello mushrooms 200g

Portobello mushrooms 200g


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These organic portobello mushrooms are handsome and hardy, with a firm, meaty texture. If you want to stuff mushrooms, this large variety works best. They’ve got a fantastic earthy flavour too, as they’re essentially giant chestnut mushrooms.


Portobellos come into their own baked or grilled, and make a fantastic alternative to burgers for vegetarians – just brush with oil, then grill or barbecue.

Grilled portobellos are also an ideal vehicle for creamy poached eggs. Eat with a pile of just-wilted spinach for a vegetarian breakfast or a quick dinner. If you’ve got time, try this with a handful of juicy roasted cherry tomatoes.


Keep in fridge and eat within a few days.


Specialists grow mushrooms all year round in the UK.

Country of origin

Grown in the United Kingdom.

BBQ tips

A grilled mushroom is the closest veg will come to the texture of a steak. Portobellos’ wide, flat shape makes them perfectly suited to cooking directly on the griddle. Oil and season them well and then cook over a high heat for 10 mins, turning frequently, until dark and tender. You can baste the gills with garlic butter or herby oil for the last few mins to add some extra flavour, if you like. Serve whole or carved into thick slices.

Mushroom varieties

Chestnut is the tastiest small variety of mushroom. For grilling, BBQing and stuffing, Portobello have a wonderful meaty quality.

Organic mushroom farmer

Many of our mushrooms come from The Organic Mushroom Company. They’re mushroom experts and know just what they’re doing. Mushrooms take 5 weeks to grow, then they have 3 weeks’ worth of harvesting time. The team then clears out the tunnels, ploughs the compost back into the fields (it makes a fantastic soil conditioner) and the cycle begins again.