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Juicing bag

Juicing bag


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Get juicing the easy way with our organic juicing bags. Every week, we’ll send you an inspiring recipe and all the succulent organic fruit and veg you need to make it. From riotous red to zingy green glassfuls, the recipe changes every week, so you’ll never get bored.

Each recipe yields at least 1.2 litres, approximately 2 large or 4 small serving. We do the planning, we do the shopping – you enjoy tasty organic juice!

From 03 Feb: Spinach, Apple & Cucumber

From 10 Feb: Carrot, Turmeric, Apples & Clementine


Store in the fridge for up to a week (except ginger and turmeric).


All produce is sold as Class II.

Box contents for week beginning Contents - 24th February 2020

Our box contents changes every week with the seasons, which means that we can't predict what will be in the boxes this far ahead. But check back at the end of the week before your delivery and you'll find them.

Even more reasons to love our fruit bag

1. Seasonal

Contents change every week to keep things interesting.

2. 100% organic

Absolutely everything we grow, make and sell is organic.

3. Free delivery

Your friendly local veg team delivers straight to your door, for free.

4. No need to be in

Just tell us where you’d like us to leave your box… we can take a key, too.

5. Customise your order

Preview what’s in the box each week and decide whether to top it up with any one-off extras.