January king cabbage Grown by Guy Singh-Watson at Riverford on Wash Farm, Devon



The January King is our favourite winter cabbage (along with Savoy!). They are great in the kitchen, but hard to manage in the field; from the same sowing date, they can mature any time between October and February. Whenever they arrive, their beautiful purple-tinged leaves are stunning in the field and on your plate. Sweet, delicate and tender.

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Country of origin

Grown in
  • The UK

UK Seasonality

In season from October to February.
Cabbage and bacon are a classic combination with good reason - sauté together as a side
- Riverford cooks

How to prepare

Cabbage is a versatile veg. Shredded and used in stir-fries, curries, soups and stews, it adds a healthy bulk of greens. Simply steamed or braised and buttered, it’s a good foil for meat dishes. Make it the star of the show in a gratin, or use larger cooked leaves as wrappers for rice, grains and veg, or for mince.

Delicate January King cabbage will take just 3-5 mins to steam, or simply cook for about 10 mins over a medium heat with a good dose of butter.


Keep in the fridge or a cool veg rack. It will last up to a fortnight.

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