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Pea shoots 80g

Pea shoots 80g


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Sweet, succulent organic pea shoots. The first delicate stalks of the pea plant – if left to grow, these become the plants’ climbing tendrils. More than just a garnish, they have a fresh, summery, newly-picked-pea flavour.


Toss in salads, wilt into hot dishes or whizz into green smoothies. We like them best piled high on sourdough toast with ribbons of griddled courgette, feta and a squeeze of lemon.


Delivered from the farm, so wash before eating. Best kept in the fridge and eaten within a couple of days.


These juicy leaves can be grown from spring to autumn in the UK, and in Spain during the colder months.

Country of origin

Grown in Spain.

Grower Info

These Dwarf Grey Sugar variety pea shoots are grown by The Organic Watercress Company, who have supplied our watercress for many years. They grow the shoots outdoors in the fresh Jurassic Coast breeze of their Dorset farm for most of the year, and on their farm in Spain over winter.