Kumquats Grown by Premium Organics co-operative at Leioa, Spain

£2.20 / 200g


Our organic kumquats (or Chinese oranges) may look like tiny elongated oranges, but they taste like no citrus you’ve met before. Their paper-thin skin is sweet, and their insides are bursting with tart juice. Eat them whole, skin and all, for a gustatory firework – or cook into sour-sweet sauces and desserts.

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Country of origin

Grown in
  • Spain

How to prepare

All parts of a kumquat are edible, but remove the seeds if you find them too bitter. Create a sharp, citrussy sauce to pair with richly flavoured meats such as lamb or duck, or toss halved kumquats straight into a spiced tagine. For dessert, top vanilla ice cream or pancakes with a kumquat compote (try saying that three times fast!): simmer the fruits with sugar, fresh ginger, a cinnamon stick and a dash of sweet liqueur for 30 mins.


Kumquats can be kept in a cool room or the fridge for at least a week.

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