Carrots 1kg

Carrots 1kg


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We’ve grown and tried countless carrot varieties in our quest to bring you the best flavour. Crunch into a Riverford carrot and discover how good they taste!

How to store carrots

Carrots keep for several weeks in a paper bag on a cool veg rack. If you have new season bunched carrots with their tops attached, twist off the tops before storing, as they draw moisture away from the carrot.

How to cook carrots

Boil or steam in 5-10 mins. But our top tip is to avoid cooking them in water. Instead, roast them to bring out their sweet flavour, or stir fry to keep their pleasing crunch. Really fresh bunched carrots are best raw or very lightly cooked.

Carrot season

Homegrown carrots are harvested in early summer as new season bunched carrots with their tops on. We can carry on harvesting until November and then store the main varieties to see you through winter and into spring. Later in the spring we may supply carrots from our Italian growers.

Carrot varieties

Nairobi accounts for over half of the UK carrot crop. It’s easy to grow and very robust, but it always comes out bottom in our taste tests. So we prefer Artemis, Trevor, Nerac, Narbonne and Autumn King, which have much better flavour, as well as standing up well to harvesting.

Organic carrot farmer

Peter Wastenage, a member of our local farming co-op in Devon, grows our gold award-winning bunched carrots. Carrots tend to enjoy lighter soils, so Graham Negus, who farms the sandy soils near Riverford on Sacrewell Farm in Cambridgeshire, also grows some fantastic carrots for us.

Country of origin

Grown in Italy.