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UK Asparagus 250g

UK Asparagus 250g


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Tender, sweet and delicate – the flavour of English asparagus just can’t be beaten. The ultimate challenge for an organic grower, but this beautiful vegetable is worth the trouble. Steam gently, then dress with melted butter and some salt and pepper.

How to store asparagus

Store asparagus in the fridge. Best eaten as soon as possible – to keep it fresh, you can stand asparagus upright in a pot with a little water. Straight from the farm, so wash before cooking.

How to cook asparagus

Our top tip for prepping asparagus is to hold the stalk at either end and bend it gently. It will break naturally at the point where the stalks become woody. There’s no need to waste the bases – they add a lovely flavour to homemade stock.

Asparagus cooks in a couple of minutes. Blanched or grilled and combined with just a few other ingredients, it makes a speedy supper. Its short cooking time also means it can be added to stews, risottos and pasta sauces just before they’re done. The cooking time for asparagus is 2-5 mins to steam or boil, 5 mins to grill or griddle, and 8-12 mins to roast (the best way to really lock in the flavour).

Asparagus season

In boxes from early May to mid/late June - one of the first signs of spring. We begin the season by importing from Pepe in Spain until the UK season catches up. Watch our video of Guy talking about growing asparagus.

Country of origin

Grown in the United Kingdom