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Barnaby’s green tomato saison 33cl

Barnaby’s green tomato saison 33cl


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Last summer we ended up with a glut of green tomatoes. While visiting Barnaby and his team at the brewery, we asked if they could use any in a brew. We were only joking… but they took us up on it.

Saisons are a Belgian farmhouse-style of beer, traditionally strong, very fizzy, and made with spices, botanicals and fruits. Barnaby’s is beautifully fresh, aromatic and spicy, with a hint of sourness and a slight wine-like quality from the tomatoes. It seems to go with almost everything; peppered steaks, Thai dishes, spicy sausages, creamy goats’ cheese - the list goes on.

What to do with our green tomato glut?

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Store in a cool, dry place, serve chilled.

Alcohol 5.7%.

Allergens: barley.

Suitable for vegans.

About Barnaby’s Brewhouse

Barnaby’s Brewhouse is based on the Riverford Dairy farm in South Devon. The team are passionate about producing outstanding craft beers as sustainably as possible. They use organic malt and hops sourced in the UK, and water from a natural spring in the middle of our own organic farmland. Their bespoke brewhouse was built using innovatively adapted, reclaimed equipment. Barnaby’s don’t use any animal products to fine their beers, as they are conditioned.