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100% UK organic veg box

100% UK organic veg box


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Love seasonal homegrown vegetables? Our 100% UK organic veg box showcases British seasonal veg right at its peak. From freshly picked beans and greens in summer, to the sweetcorn and squash of autumn through to earthy roots and brassicas in winter, this box is packed with a changing selection of 8 homegrown veg. It’s like having your own allotment, without the digging.

The box runs until the ‘hungry gap’ of May and June, when there is very little homegrown veg for harvesting, and starts again in July.

Box contents for week beginning Contents - 15th July 2019

  • Salad potatoes UK
  • Bunched onions UK
  • Broad beans UK
  • Batavia lettuce UK
  • Zephyr courgettes UK
  • Kohlrabi UK
  • Mini cucumber UK
  • Strawberries UK