Gooseberries Grown by Guy Singh-Watson at Riverford on Wash Farm, Devon

£2.85 / 250g


Organic gooseberries, fresh from our Devon farm, where we grow a beautiful mix of red and green varieties (you may receive either). Few summer fruits rival this sweet-tart berry for zesty depth of flavour. Guy planted his first acre of this traditional English fruit in memory of his mother’s gooseberry fool. The berries have plenty of other uses too – crumbles, jams, sauce for fish and meat… The trick is to open their complex depth with just the right amount of sugar.

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How to prepare

Unless you’re making a sauce or purée that is being passed through a sieve, you’ll need to top and tail your gooseberries first. A small, sharp knife is ideal for clipping away each end – or you can pinch them away with your fingers.

They are very sharp and sour, and are best stewed down with a little sugar. Gooseberries can be used as a dessert in crumbles, jams, pies, tarts and fools; or as a savoury relish or sauce. Sweetness can be a matter of personal taste, so tweak to your liking, but don’t forget that their sharpness is their charm and acts as the perfect counter to rich creams and custards or fatty meats and oily fish.


If gooseberries are hard, they will keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks. If you want them to ripen further, leave them out of the fridge.

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